Fijit Friends Newbies

Fijit Friends Newbies - Tia - Pink

Fijit Friends are the hottest new interactive toy for the Christmas holidays this year. Now Fijit Friends have new smaller friends to play with them. They are called Fijit Friends Newbies. Fijit Friends Newbies can interact with you and sing and wiggle too. If you have more than one they can do a duet too.

Fijit Friends Newbies Pink Tia Figure

In home mode the full size Fijits can interact with you. They can tell jokes, ask you questions, sing and dance. When Fijit Friends are in chirp mode they can interact with the chirps on the Fijit Friends website. Now they can interact with the new smaller Fijit Friends Newbies.

There are four Fijit Friend Newbies available now to collect, Tika – purple, Tia – pink, Zia – green and Zinzie – yellow. There are four more that will be available soon, Mila, Melodee, Kira and Kenzie. They make a nice gift for Fijit fans and are a little less expensive than the full size Fijits. They are going to be hard to find so you better get them while you can.

Here’s a Fijit Friends Newbies review video to show you more of what they can do.

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You can learn more about Fijit Friends here.

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