Hedbanz Games

Hedbanz Game

Hedbanz Games are popular games for kids, adults and family game night. Hedbandz by Spin Master is an easy to play game. You wear a band on your head that holds a card with a picture and the words “I am a ___”, the blank being the thing in the picture. Everyone else can see your card but you.

The object of the game is to guess what you are before time runs out. Each player takes turns making guesses and the other players let them know if they are right or wrong.

There are Hedbandz games for kids and Hedbandz games for adults that are a little bit more challenging. There are special themed Hedbandz games like Disney Hedbanz.

Whichever version of Hedbanz you play, it’s a fun game to play and the more the merrier. Choose from any of the games and they make a great gift for birthdays, holidays, parties, vacations and family fun.

Hedbanz Games

Hedbanz Game for Kids

Hedbanz Game for Kids is a fun game for kids to guess what they are. Wearing a headbanz and guessing your object makes for loud and lively fun. This is one of the top ten gifts for the holidays this year. Get yours now!

Hedbanz Game

Disney Hedbanz Game

The Disney Hedbanz game is a Disney themed version of the popular Hedbanz game. With Mickey Mouse ears hedbanz and Disney theme objects this is an easy and fun way to play. Kids can guess what they are from their favorite Disney movies. This version of the game is sure to be a hit.

Disney Kids Hedbanz Game

Hedbanz for Adults

Hedbanz for Adults game comes with slightly larger headbands and objects that are a little more challenging to guess. Hedbanz is a great game for parties, couples night out or vacations. Try to guess what you are before the timer runs out. This popular game makes a great gift for the holidays, house warmings, and graduations.

Board Games Hedbanz For Adults

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