Story Telling Elf

Hallmark Grab-N-Gabs Tell the Elf Game

Kids love stories and this story telling elf is a fun toy that kids will enjoy playing with and making up their own stories. The story telling elf is a little like the Mad Libs story game where you make up fun stories by filling in random nouns, adjectives and verbs.

Grab n Gabs Elf asks you questions and you record your answers with the built-in microphone. The elf then tells a silly story filling in your goofy words you recorded using a silly elf voice. Kids can play with this for hours recording themselves and having the elf tell their ridiculous tales.

This makes a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for kids and adults and is a fun ice breaker or game for family game night.

Story Telling Elf

Hallmark Grab N Gab Games

Christmas Madlibs

Tell Me A Story – Fairy Tale Mix Up Game

Tell Me A Story – Fairy Tale Mix Up Game is a fun story telling game for young children. The game consists of story picture cards that you can mix and match to tell a new fairy tale each time. It’s a game for using your imagination and no reading is required so even little kids can make up stories too.

Tell Me A Story – Fairy Tale Mix-Up Game

Story Telling Games

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